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C and C++ Language

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C and C++ Language


Course is designed for absolute beginners with no programming background, so relax if you do not know any programming language then this is the course for you.


60 hours of training for C language and 30 hours of training for C++ language


  • You can join for either C only or C and C++
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 150+ Programming Questions
  • Live Coding display using projector
  • Object Oriented Programming


C Language: Introduction, Fundamentals of Computers, History, Installation and Setup, First Program, Constant, Variables, Keywords, Data Types, Operators, Input and output, decision control (if, if else, if elif else, Conditional Operator, Nested if else), loops (while, do-while, for) Transfer control (break, continue), switch case control, goto control, functions, header files and library files, recursion, Arrays, multidimensional arrays, strings, string library, handling multiple strings, pointers concept, pointer’s arithmetic, application of pointers, various types of pointers, Structure, Structure pointer, DMA, SMA vs DMA, Memory Leak

C++ Language: Introduction, History, C vs C++, OOPs introduction, Installation and Setup, cin and cout, iostream, reference variable, call by reference, inline function, default arguments, polymorphism, function overloading, Revision of C’s structure, Structure in C++, Encapsulation, Data Hiding, abstraction, classes and objects, Instance members, Scope resolution operator, static members, function call by passing object, function returning object, constructor, parameterised constructor, default constructor, constructor overloading, Copy constructor, Destructor, deep copy , shallow copy, Operator overloading, friend function, object pointer, this pointer, new and delete, Inheritance, types of inheritance, visibility modes, Diamond problem, Constructor and destructor in inheritance, function overriding, function hiding, function overloading, Base pointer, virtual function, runtime polymorphism, pure virtual function, abstract class, virtual destructor, templates, File Handling

Register in the batch now before its too late, as we are limited with the batch size.

Batch Code Starting Date Time|Days Fees Offer Price
VH | C & C++ 8-Feb-2020 6:00 PM | TTS 5500/- Admission Closed
VF | C & C++ 4-Feb-2020 6:30 PM | TTS 5500/- Admission Closed
VB | C & C++ 7-Jan-2020 7:30 PM | TTS 5500/- Admission Closed
VB | C only 7-Jan-2020 7:30 PM | TTS 3000/- Admission Closed