C++ Language

C++ language was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T’s Bell Lab, USA. C++ is a designed and developed over C language. It has all the features of C as well as some new concepts to adopt Object Oriented methodology. C++ is one of the most popular programming language since its commencement. It is highly used in system programming and complex low level programs.

You must know C language to learn C++.

Course Content:
Introduction, Comparison between C and C++, OOP vs POP, OOPs principles, I/O in C++ (cin and cout), about iostream header, namespace std, functions, reference variable, call by reference, inline function, default arguments, polymorphism, function overloading, structure, classes and objects, function call by passing object, function returning object, static members, constructor,copy constructor, destructor, operator overloading, friend function, overloading of operators as friend function, pointers, this pointer, new and delete, inheritance and its types, visibility modes, Disinheritance, overriding and hiding, virtual function (run time polymorphism), pure virtual function and abstract class, virtual destructor, templates, File handling

30 lectures

After learning C++, you know the concepts of object oriented paradigm. You can now implement generic programming. You can make your career in system level programming. C++ will help you in understanding any object oriented language like Java