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C Language with logic building


  • No prior programming knowledge is required, just have a zeal to learn programming.
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  • 15 Mar 2023 to 5 May 2023 | Mon-Wed-Fri | 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM


Saurabh Shukla


Hindi | Notes in English


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  • Course completion certificate
  • Video recordings will be available for the revision for 730 days (2 years) from the date of purchase
  • Class notes (Downloadable)
  • 250+ Practice Problems with detailed solutions in LIVE classes
  • Logic Building
  • Doubt handling during the course.
  • Discussion Forum


    Introduction to C Language

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • What is Programming
  • History of C Language
  • Version History
  • How software developed in C Language
  • IDE
  • Installation of Code Blocks
  • Installation of VS Code
  • using IDE
  • First Program
    Basics of C Language

  • Tokens
  • white space
  • Constants
  • Variables
  • Keywords
  • Comments
  • Data Types
  • Variable Declarations
  • Output instruction in C
  • Input instruction in C
  • Operators in C
    Control Statements in C Language

  • Decision Control introduction
  • if statement
  • if else statement
  • conditional operator
  • Nested if else
  • if else ladder
  • Iterative Control
  • while loop
  • do while loop
  • for loop
  • break
  • continue
  • Nested loop
  • Star Pattern Problems
  • switch case control
  • menu driven programs
    Functions and Recursion

  • Function Introduction
  • Function call vs Function Definition
  • Predefined and user-defined functions
  • Flow of program containing multiple functions
  • Benefits of function
  • Ways to define a function
  • Takes nothing returns nothing
  • Take Something returns nothing
  • Takes Nothing Return Something
  • Take Something, Return Something
  • Header file and Library Files
  • Recursion
  • Recursion Tree
  • Approach to recursive solution
    Arrays and String

  • Array Introduction
  • Array Declaration Rules
  • Bound Checking
  • Sorting
  • Function Call by Passing Arrays
  • Two Dimensional Arrays
  • Multi-dimensional Arrays
  • Introduction to Strings
  • null character
  • user input
  • String Functions
  • Function Call by Passing String
  • Handling Multiple Strings
    Pointer Structure and DMA

  • Introduction to Pointer
  • concept of memory address
  • referencing and dereferencing operators
  • size of pointer
  • Concept of Base Address
  • Data type of pointer
  • extended concept of pointers
  • pointer’s arithmetic
  • Call by reference
  • Pointer and arrays
  • pointer and strings
  • array of pointers
  • pointer to an array
  • wild pointer
  • NULL pointer
  • Dangling pointer
  • void pointer
  • Structure Introduction
  • Primitive and Non primitive data type
  • defining structure
  • local definition vs global definition of structure
  • declaring structure variable
  • structure variable initialization during declaration
  • structure variable initialization after declaration
  • taking input from user
  • structure array
  • function returning structure
  • function call by passing structure
  • structure pointer
  • SMA vs DMA
  • malloc function
  • calloc function
  • Type casting
  • Memory Leak
  • free function
  • realloc function

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