C Language

C language influences almost all the programming languages exists in today’s era. It is like old wine, grew with time. Dennis Ritchie the developer of immortal creation made it to write UNIX. UNIX is the ancestor of all modern operating systems. As a computer science student and learner, you should begin your journey with C language.

No prior knowledge of programming is required. We treat you as absolute beginner.
Course Content: Introduction, history, computer fundamentals, technical terms, IDE, identifiers, data types, input output instruction, operators, decision control, iterative control, switch case, goto, functions, recursion, arrays, multi dimensional arrays, strings, handling multiple strings, pointers, pointers arithmetic, application of pointers, structure, structure pointer, dynamic memory allocation

45 Lectures

After learning C, you are now capable to develop console based applications. You know what programming means. You prepared a ground for learning other languages. If you are interested in system level programming then your step one is completed.