Collection Framework

Java Collection Framework

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Java Collection Framework


Rahul Mathakari


  • You must know Java Core (Java SE) language
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  • Good Internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop computer is required for programming practice at home


15 Lectures | 30 Nov 2021 to 5 Jan 2022 | 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM | Tue-Thu-Sat

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  1. Understanding Collection Framework
    • Need of Collection Framework
    • Primitives Vs Arrays Vs Collection
    • Key Interfaces and classes of Collection
  2. List Interface
    • What is list in java?
    • ArrayList class in detail(use of arraylist and all its methods)
    • LinkedList class in detail(use of Linkedlist and all its methods)
    • ArrayList Vs LinkedList (Comparison)
    • Vector class in detail(use of vector and all its methods)
    • Vector Vs Arraylist (comparison)
    • Stack class in detail(use of stack and all its methods)
  3. Set Interface
    • What is set in java?
    • Set Vs List (Comparison)
    • HashSet class in detail (working and important methods)
    • LinkedHashset class in detail (working and important methods)
    • HashSet Vs LinkedHashSet(Comparison)
    • TreeSet class In detail (working and important methods)
    • HashSet Vs TreeSet (Comparison)
    • Overview of SortedSet and NavigableSet
  4. Queue
    • Understanding Queue
    • PriorityQueue class in detail (working and important methods)
  5. Map
    • Understanding Map in java
    • HashMap class in detail (working and important methods)
    • IdentityHashMap Vs HashMap
    • WeakHashMap Vs HashMap
    • LinkedHashMap Vs HashMap
    • TreeMap class in detail (working and important methods)
    • Overview of SortedMap and NavigableMap
  6. Legacy Maps
    • Hashtable class in details
    • Internal Working of Hashtable, HashMap, HashSet
    • Overview of Dictionary and Properties
  7. Cursors
    • Enumeration
    • Iterator
    • ListIterator
  8. Default and Customized Sorting
    • Comparable
    • Comparator
  9. Utility Classes
    • Collections class
    • Arrays class

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