C++ only

C++ only (ONLINE LIVE Classes)

Course Name

C++ Language


Saurabh Shukla


  • You must know C Language.
  • For online LIVE classes, you have to download Zoom Client for meetings on laptop or mobile. (Laptop is recommended) (https://zoom.us/download)
  • Good Internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop computer is required for programming practice at home.


  • 19 Jul 2021 to 25 Sep 2021
  • 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Mon-Wed-Fri



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  • Course completion certificate
  • Video recordings of LIVE classes will be available for the revision till 31 Mar 2022
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Programming Assignments | 150+ practice questions
  • Doubt handling during the course. In the class and after the class
  • Competitive Programming with C++ on coder.mysirg.com platform


Introduction to C++ Language, History of C++, Comparison of C++ with C, What is Object Oriented Programming? , Input output instruction: cout , cin, about iostream , using namespace, Inline function, Default Arguments, Reference Variable, function call by value, call by address and call by reference, function polymorphism, structure in C vs structure in C++, Encapsulation, Classes and Objects, Access Specifiers, Instance members, static members, function call by passing object, function returning object, constructor, copy constructor, destructor, deep copy vs shallow copy, operator overloading, overloading of binary and unary operators, friend function, overloading of insertion and extraction operators, object pointer, this pointer, new and delete, inheritance, types of inheritance, visibility modes, constructor and destructor in inheritance, diamond problem, virtual base class, function overriding, function hiding, function overloading, virtual function, runtime polymorphism, pure virtual function, abstract class, virtual destructor, templates, file handling

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Batch Code Starting Date Time|Days Mode of Teaching Pay Now
TN 19-Jul-2021 6:00 PM | MWF Online LIVE
TE 4-May-2021 6:00 PM | TTS Online LIVE Closed
UW 4-Mar-2021 7:15 PM | TTS Online LIVE Closed
UO 23-Nov-2020 7:15 PM | Daily Online LIVE Closed
UJ 31-Aug-2020 8:30 PM | Daily Online LIVE Closed
UE 6-Jul-2020 7:15 PM | Daily Online LIVE Closed