Data Structures and Algorithms using Java

Data Structures and Algorithms using Java

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Data Structures and Algorithms using Java


Rahul Mathakari


  • You must know Java language, as all the programs during the course will be implemented in Java language only
  • Recommended topics of Java language for the revision are functions, arrays, reference, classes, Objects, Constructor, new,etc.
  • For online LIVE classes, you have to download Zoom Client for meetings on laptop or mobile. (Laptop is recommended) (
  • Good Internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop computer is required for programming practice at home


26 Nov 2021 to 15 Feb 2022 | 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM | Mon-Wed-Fri

Subscription Validity: till 30 Sep 2022

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INR 3500/-

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  • Recording of the class will be available till 30 Sep 2022. You can access these recordings any number of times during the course
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Implementation of most of the data structures (specified in the syllabus) in Java language
  • Doubt handling during the course.
  • Discussion Forum | Doubt Handling after the class
  • Assignments: 100+ Practice Problems

Introduction to Data Structure,

  • Introduction to array
  • One dimensional primitive and non-primitive array
  • Multidimensional primitive and non-primitive array
  • Linked List:

  • Introduction to LinkedList
  • Implementation of linked list
  • Different Operation on Linked List
    • Traversing
    • Searching
    • Insertion
    • Deletion
    • Reverse
  • Circular Linked List and it’s implementation
  • Doubly Linked List and it’s implementation
  • Stack:

  • Stack introduction
  • Array Implementation of stack
  • Push and pop operations on stack
  • Linked Implementation of stack
  • Applications of stack
    • Reversal of string
    • Balanced bracket problem
    • Infix to postfix conversion
    • Evaluating the postfix expression


  • Introduction to Queue
  • Array Implementation of Queue
  • Linked Implementation of Queue
  • Types of queues
    • Circular queue
    • Priority queue
    • Dequeue


  • Introduction to various tree
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Strict Binary Tree
  • Complete Binary Tree
  • Extended Binary Tree
  • Balanced Tree
  • Implementation of Binary search tree
  • Traversal in Binary Search Tree
  • Preorder Traversal
  • Inorder Traversal
  • Postorder Traversal
  • Spanning tree
  • Minimum spanning tree
  • Prim’s Algorithm
  • Graph:

  • Introduction to Graph
  • Undirected Graph
  • Directed Graph
  • Implementation of Graph
  • Traversal in Graph
    • Breadth First Search
    • Depth First Search
  • Shortest Path Algorithm (Dijkstra)
  • Sorting:

  • Various sorting Techniques and algorithms
    • Bubble Sort
    • Selection sort
    • insertion sort
    • quick sort
    • merge sort


  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search
  • Hashing
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