Data Structures

Data Structures

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Data Structures


This is the most recommended course. You must know C language as I will teach you to implement data structures in C language. Not just theory it is more towards practical. Knowledge of function, array, structure, pointer and DMA is must. Don’t worry, you should just know these topics, I will teach you how you can use them in programming.


60 hours of training


  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Programming Implementation of various data structure in class
  • Implementation in C/C++
  • Live Coding display using projector


Introduction to data structure, algorithms, time complexity, arrays, array implementation, dynamic arrays and its implementation, Linked List (Singly, doubly, circular, circular-doubly) and their implementations, problems based on linked lists, Stack, Implementation of stack using arrays, implementation of stack using dynamic arrays, implementation of stack using linked list, application of stack, problems on stack,Queue, Implementation of Queue, variations of queue, Problems on Queue, Recursion, Problems on Recursion, Tree, Binary Tree, Tree Traversal algorithms and their implementation, Binary search tree and its implementation, AVL Tree, Problems on Trees, B Tree, Sorting Algorithms and their programming implementations, Searching, Hashing, Graph, Representation of Graph, Traversing in a graph, Minimal Spanning Tree, Dijkstra’s single source shortest path algorithm

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VA 13-Jan-2020 5:30 PM | MWF 3500/- Admission Closed