How to become a programmer?

How to become a programmer

Welcome to the fascinating world of programming. Don’t worry if you are new to this mystic island, here is the helping hand. You are curious to learn about programming but confused from where and how to begin with. Our recommendation is to start with C language.

We here at Saurabh Shukla Classes assumes that the learner has no prior experience of programming and due to lack of knowledge of computer fundamentals, he is a bit hesitant too. We offer you a perfectly designed course for the absolute beginners.

We offer range of courses to meet your requirement but when you are more concern about your programming skill, you have to go through three levels.

Level 0
We recommend you to do around 200 question in C language covering all the topics from operators to DMA. Count only those questions which you have managed to solve by your own, without any help or hint. These exhaustive task may take long time (say 1 month) but it is worth. Once you finished this task, I call it level 0. Yes you have achieved level 0. This means you are now comfortable with syntax of language and know how to use programming ingredients.

Level 1
When you achieved level 0, now this is the time to upgrade your level by implementing all the basic data structures either in C or C++ language. Implementing data structure includes programs of array, dynamic array, linked list, stack, queue, tree and graph. Also implement sorting algorithms. After all this you reached to the level 1. Which means you have more command on pointers, dynamic memory allocation and structure. You are now feel more confident in programming and able to solve bigger and comparatively complex problems.

Level 2
When you start upgrading your level from 1 to 2, you have to solve challenging problems. Try to maintain your account on one of the programming contest website like codechef or hackerrank. Also make some software projects.