Java SE | Core Java

Course Name

Core Java


C++ knowledge is recommended.


60 hours of training


  • Two Projects
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Console and GUI based programming
  • Live Coding display using projector
  • Object Oriented Programming


Introduction, Installation and Setup, Explore first program, Basics of Java, constants, variables, keywords, data types, conversions, Naming conventions, Classes and Objects, static members, types of variables, Wrapper classes, command line arguments, decision control (if, if else, conditional operator, switch), Loops (while, do-while, for, foreach), break and labels, packages, user input, Access Modifiers, Constructors, Inheritance, Types of Inheritance, Overloading and overriding, final, this , super, constructor in inheritance, constructor chaining, abstract class, abstract method, interface, Object class, String class, Arrays, Exception Handling, Multi-threading, file handling, GUI programming, swing, event handling, project using GUI, JDBC, SQL, Connectivity code, Project with Database

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Batch Code Starting Date Time|Days Fees Today’s Offer
VC | Core Java 13-Jan-2020 7:30 PM | MWF 3500/- Admission Closed