PHP emerged in mid 90s with the thought of providing personal home page for the web app users, later it grows to become powerful and favorite server side scripting language. Nearly 80% of the total websites runs on PHP. It is easy to learn and implement. Best suited for rapid application development. World’s most of the CMS are developed in PHP-Mysql including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

we recommend you to have basic programming knowledge. If you know C language then it will help you a lot.

Course Content:
Introduction, client server architecture, how web application works, role of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL,
HTML basics, fundamental tags and attributes, form tag, CSS syntax, where to write css, text properties, border properties, background properties, general properties, javascript introduction, programming ingredient, basic JS jobs, event and event handling, jquery, PHP introduction, WAMP installation, fundamentals of php, control statement, arrays, strings, functions, MySQL introduction, how to use, SQL, SQL commands (create, insert, update, delete, select, etc), constraints, PHP includes, redirection, handling form data through PHP, example application, session tracking, login example, Ajax, Ajax example

30 Lectures

After learning this course, you will be able to develop a web application. This is not only useful in getting jobs but you can start earning too. This course will help you in learning popular CMS like wordpress and drupal.