Python for Beginners

Python For Beginners

Course Name

Python Core


Course is designed for absolute beginners with no programming background, so relax if you do not know any programming language then this is the course for you.


60 hours of training


  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Project
  • 150+ Programming Questions
  • Live Coding display using projector


Introduction, History, Installation and Setup, Python Basics, Constant, Variables, Keywords, Data Types, Operators, Input and output, decision control (if, if else, if elif else, single line if else), loops (while, for) Transfer control (break, continue, pass), range, list, str, tuple, set, dict, functions, advanced topics of functions, recursion, lambda expressions, Exception handling, Object oriented python, classes and objects, types of variables, types of functions, inheritance, polymorphism, operator overloading, Iterators and generators, File handling, Project

Register in the batch now before its too late, as we are limited with the batch size.

Batch Code Starting Date Time|Days Fees Pay Now
VI 10-Feb-2020 5:30 PM | MWF 3000/- Admission Closed
VA 6-Jan-2020 6:30 PM | MWF 3000/- Admission Closed