React for Web

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React for Web


Rahul Mathakari


  • Knowledge of basics of HTML and CSS is required (Although we will provide videos to learn HTML and CSS in the course). Basic understanding of client server architecture will help you in understanding concepts of web development.
  • For online LIVE classes, you have to download Zoom Client for meetings on laptop or mobile. (Laptop is recommended) (
  • Good Internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop computer is required for programming practice at home


8-Feb-2022 to 30-Apr-2022 | 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM | Tue, Thu, Sat

INR 3500/- (All taxes inclusive)
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  • Recordings of the LIVE classes will be available till 30-Nov-2022. You can access these recordings any number of times during the course subscription
  • Discussion Forum
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Practice Assignments
  • Doubt handling.


  • What is React?
  • What react can do
  • Single Page Application
  • Architecture of react
  • History of react
  • React Advantages
  • First React app

  • Using CDN
  • Using create react app
  • CDN vs Create react app
  • Essential JavaScript (ES-6):

  • Basic of java script
  • Classes and objects
  • Constructors
  • Properties
  • Defining methods
  • Inheritance
  • Static members
  • Rest parameters
  • Spread operators
  • Modules
  • Destructuring
  • Export and Imports
  • Default Export
  • JSX

  • What is JSX?
  • Need of JSX
  • Characteristics of JSX
  • Expressions in JSX
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Different ways of conditional Rendering
  • React Component

  • Class Based Component
  • Life cycle of component
  • Event Handling

  • Handling Events in react
  • Passing Arguments to Event Handler
  • Props and Advanced Props
    Request Flow and CRA conventions
    React state
    React Design principal
    Form Handling

  • Uncontrolled Component
  • Controlled Components
  • Fragments

  • UseState()
  • UseEffect()
  • UseContext()
  • UseReducer()
  • Project Discussion

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